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The 955 Headline and Subject Line Manual is available as a digital download - it is produced as a .pdf which means that you can print it as soon as you receive it. The ideas it contains will be availble immediately to you and are instantly usuable and so you should get a return on your $10 investment  IMMEDIATELY!



Subject lines to make your copy SELL!

Whether you use traditional media [Newspapers, Television, Radio, direct mail, or billboards] or digital media [ Facebook, linkedIn, Instagram, email or SEO webpages] you still need to attract peoples attention hence the need to effective headlines and subject lines.

Did you know that people decide by your headline or subject line whether to even consider your message - that means the headling or subject line is the most critical part of yur marketing message. [Statistics suggest 35% of people decide to read your message based on the subject or head line.]

Frightningly, Facebook ads only have a 2 to 4% rate of engagement. Any increase on that would give you a massive return on your investment.

We at Biitzpro Business Publications, have been using direct marketing since 1975. Initally we used letterbox drops, telly marketing, fax marketing, email then social media, and we noticed that the most important variable was the subject or heading. In fact, our mantra is that the headline is "the answer to the unasked question."

In compiling the 955 Headling and Subject Line Manual we divide the information into sections.

Firstly, we look at 350 subject or headlines that are considered the most effective in recent years whether you are using traditional or digital platforms to great you message in front of propspective clients.

Then we look at what traditional marketers masters consider the best headlines of all time - we identified at least 100 and we have added the explanations of why they work so well as recorded by Jay Abraham, [who is know as the $30 billion man for the business he has created for his clients] 


What is the 955 Headlines Book?

We have produced the 955 Headlines book as a manual so that it can be used over and over again.

It is available as a digital download... that means you don't need to wait as you can access it as soon aas your payment is processed and will be earning a ROI immediately. Of course you could just copy the ideas BUT it would be better to have them spark unique ideas for your product or service.

 We also have included a section of over 500 subject lines that were used by the some of the most successful digital marketers of 2018.

These SUBJECT LINES appear transactional and you will need to consider this when planning you future marketing efforts. Once somebody has decided to purchase from you they will continue to do so as long as you price and service are "reasonable" - in the opinion of the client.


When you review each section of the 955 Headline and Subject Line Manual you will be struck at how people have remained the constant in the marketing mix... whilst the methods and platforms have evolved to talk to them, their wants and needs as customers have remained pretty static... you need to recognise this and market accordingly.

 At only $10, The 955 Headline and Subject Line manual represents outstanding value and by being produced as a digital product it will be immedately available to you on you payment being processed. You will be able to put into practice some of the ideas immediately and have a return within 24 to 48 hours.


The price is just $10 AUS and there is just the digital version.

As always the price is Australian Dollars and includes GST! 955 Headline and Subject Line Manual is AUS $10 for digital download

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