Sales Letter Package

Sales Letter Package

Available for Instant use - TODAY! 

Whether you need to write a letter or email, to sell your product or service, to collect an outstanding debt [isn't that the hardest of sales] or just get your point across, you sometimes need inspiration and great ideas to help you get started.

That is where The 311 Sales Letter Template Package comes to you rescue!

The 311 Sales Letter Template Package! To quickly introduce this concept, let's understand the issues that The 311 Sales Letter Package is designed to overcome: And that the package has a minimum of 311 Sales Letters designed for every possible situation.

Most people when writing Sales Letters [whether they be an email or a formal business letter] are usually stuck for ideas. The 311 Sales Letter Package contains thought starters that will get your mind working instantly.

Whether you are a PC or MAC user, these letters are good to go in Word or with a Text Editor and come with perfect formatting. Designed by Sales People for Sales People For instant delivery, the letters are in a digital download - which means NO WAITING! 

What do you get with The 311 Sales Letter Template Package? There are a minimum of 311 examples in template form of the type of letter or email you could write [they are generic by nature BUT they are easily crafted to suit your unique circumstance - if you are a Real Estate office or a Law Office or Resume Service for example.]

For instant delivery, the letters are in a digital download - NO WAITING!

You will have the complete rights to reproduce these letters as many times as you want - and there is No per use fee. Is using the templates a difficult task? No, it is so simple that anyone who can turn on a computer can use them PLUS they work equally as well whether you use them as emails or as traditional hard copy letters.

Really, are they hard to use?? Well, you will need a computer to download and access the files and then anyone who can understand that the green button is ON will be able to use the templates. And in case you are still wondering if there is a catch, there is no fee per use catch - pay a once only fee of less than $50 and you can use these templates as many times as you want!

The concept of templated letters and emails is not something new - most professional practices - think Real Estate Agents, Lawyers or Resume Services, for example, use templates. They are faster, cheaper and more effective than starting from scratch each time. OK I am convinced!!

How much does the package cost?

You would think, because it would save you hundreds of hours and earn you $1,000's extra, it would be "frighteningly expensive." What would you say if the investment were less than $50.00 [Australian Dollars and GST paid] When can I get mine?? You can order and get it immediately!

The 311 Sales Letter Template Package is just AUS $49 [GST Incl] and is available immediately for digital download!

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AUD 49.00

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